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El asesino de la baraja (2021)

Baraja poster.jpeg

Serie Documental

Director: Román Parrado

Prod: Rtve, Goroka

El asesino de la baraja tells the story of the serial crimes that occurred in Madrid that had both the National Police and the Civil Guard in check during the first 7 months of 2003.
The series pays special attention to police work and how, in parallel to the investigation, the media created a monster that kept the population of Madrid on edge. Throughout 3 chapters, this docuseries tells the story of a cruel serial killer like never before. For the first time, graphic and sound material from the police and judicial archives is shown, which provides valuable information to the story.

DoP: Tomas Ybarra

2nd Unit DoP: Rigel Pomares Amaré 

Watch online:

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